We are committed to preserving and protecting the beautiful environment in which we are lucky enough to live



The main car park has recycling bins for separating waste (made from recycled materials) Each property has a recycle bin for separating rubbish. We encourage all guests – especially the young ones to help preserve our environment by recycling. Each apartment has green bio degradable waste bags for composting fruit & vegetable waste or a re-usable veggie waste container.



Where possible we only use low energy, environmentally friendly lighting both for internal and external lighting.



Where possible our water is heated by solar panels. Our pool shower is solar. The splash pool is heated by solar energy and at the end of each day the water is recycled into the main pool – no water is wasted here if we can help it.



We encourage our guests to be aware of their water consumption. We draw water from our own underground well. Rain water is collected to water our gardens and fruit and vegetables. We use a dripper feed watering system only after sunset – with water delivered directly to the roots of plants-to help make the best use of our water.



Instead of our waste being sent away to a sewage plant – we use a much more environmentally friendly waste treatment method. Our waste goes through a series of underground filtration systems – no chemicals are used – it is a slow and gradual process of filtration through sand, gravel and stones, eventually the waste exits the system as clean water which then soaks into the ground.



We have a forestry plan that includes planting over a 1000 new trees – we are committed to re-forestation and preserving our woodlands. We are regenerating our farmland to encourage wildlife and flora.



We only use organic matter on our land, plants and crops. We aim to preserve the natural wild life of this region by keeping everything we use as natural as possible. (There are over 40 species of butterfly in this area of Umbria alone – which is testament to the absence of pesticides) We try to plant and encourage as many indigenous species as possible in order to preserve the natural Umbrian environment as it would have been before the land was farmed. This also helps encourage wild life, insects and birds to inhabit our lands. We also annually seed wild flowers to encourage honey bees to remain in our locality.



Our natural farming program includes naturally grown raspberries, fruits and vegetables –We also produce our own naturally grown, hand harvested olive oil, jams and eggs from our chickens.



We provide guests with organic/eco soap and shampoo that is low foam and gentler to the environment than conventional soap. The packaging is recyclable and is often made of recycled materials. We only use recycled/eco roll toilet tissue. We use high temperature steam cleaners where possible – instead of chemicals. Our preference is for natural fibres such as cotton for linen, bedding and towels.



Our cleaning products are almost all environmentally friendly – as is the dish washing soap and hand soap we use in our restaurant. We do our very best to restrict use of bleach and other cleaning chemicals that are harmful to our eco-system. We also train our staff regarding best practices to help preserve the environment.



Our properties have been designed to help conserve our precious resources. Most bedrooms are on the north side of buildings – so they stay naturally cooler. We have planted trees or added gazebos for shade on the south side of the buildings so that they are naturally shaded from the sun and stay cooler with out the need for air- conditioning.

All our windows have interior shutters, which help keep the buildings cool in summer and warmer in winter. ​



The food served in our restaurant has as few food miles on the clock as possible – much of the produced served is grown locally or naturally grown on our own farm. We grow salad leaves, artichokes, pumpkin and squashes, herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, peppers, aubergines, onions, garlic, potatoes, green leaves, raspberries, cherries, olives and sunflowers among other things. Meat is sourced locally or is from our own pigs. Our chickens provide some of our eggs. We hand make pasta, gnocchi, jams, marmalades, chutneys and bread. When we are unable to supply our own produce, local small businesses and organic farms are our first choice for quality ingredients. We believe food tastes better when you grow it yourself…


Villa Pian Di Cascina proud to be a green leader by preserving our environment

We are proud to have been awarded   – Platinum Green Leader  –  status

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